Jordan Gray Platinum

Sep 29th 2016

Platinum – a Début Single

‘Platinum’ is the newest single by Jordan Gray, the first single released under her own name, and her first official release since appearing on The Voice UK.

It is a labour of love tying together 6 independent studios, a dozen heavy hitting musos and the idea that you must shed your baggage to become the best possible version of yourself.

The track references imagery of ‘a record and a record player’, and then later ‘an artist and a record label’, as metaphors for a controlling relationship. The official music video will feature the first Cis-male Trans-female love scene in a mainstream release.

The track features backing vocals from Barkley Young and musique concrete by Totemis.

Music and Lyrics by Jordan Gray.

Contributing writers – Nick Allen, Jason Cook, Paul Visser, Dave Ferguson and Joe Barboza

Produced by Big 8 at The Record Label Studios

Special Thanks to Organick Studios, Walwin Studios, Creative Music Studios

Single Artwork by Edd Coates and Ian J. Crossan